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LATAM R&D to strengthen development capabilities with new lab

During last years, Fareva LATAM has been investing in acquiring complementary R&D expertise in regulatory, formulation and packaging development.

19 February 2020

In line with our corporate strategy of continuing to invest in development capabilities, we have increased our laboratory space fivefold.

During our last 4 years, FAREVA R&D team has expended from 2 to 10 persons and was in need for space. The new open space office and the bench areas enable us to grow further in number and in capabilities, to cover a spectrum of technical solutions from brief to shelves, to include regulatory, formulation and packaging development.

This investment was triggered by new customers’ demand from all over Latin America, in particular Brazil and the growing business in our new facility in Mexico.

Additional investment is planned in 2020 including a pilot lab manufacturing tank for sampling and scale-up capabilities.


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