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Developing the right formula

In 1981, Bernard Fraisse, 25 years old, created a small packaging unit around which he set up a company named RCI. Working with a small team, he quickly diversified his business and integrated chemical product research, formulation, and production, transforming his small packaging unit into Fabrication Chimique Ardéchoise (FCA). 
It was a winning formula. With its numerous areas of expertise, FCA prospers. In the 1990s, it once again broadened its field of activities to include household products and aerosols. Then it expanded to cosmetics and, finally, pharmaceutical production.

Sharing his dream

FCA went from a national SME to an international company. In 2004, it changed its name. True to his ambitious spirit and his roots, Bernard Fraisse renamed it Fareva, which means “inspire to dream” in a dialect spoken in the Ardèche region of France. This name still reflects the spirit of our group.
The success story continued throughout the following years. Fareva acquired production sites throughout Europe and then on the American continent. Over the years, the group has built strong relationships with its new customers. Perhaps even with you, who are reading this story today.

The dream continues

30 years later, Fareva has become one of the world leaders in industrial subcontracting in the household & industrial, beauty, makeup, pharmaceutical, and API sectors.
Still headed by Bernard Fraisse, the company has a turnover of 1.8 billion euros and employs more than 13,000 people in more than 40 locations worldwide.
Throughout its rich history, Fareva has evolved while maintaining the values instilled by its founder from the outset: passion, enthusiasm, autonomy, and acknowledgment.  
Each of our employees shares these values, like a family. These values motivate each of us, on a daily basis, to outdo ourselves, to pass it on, to... inspire people to dream.

  1. 1981.jpg


    Founding of Rhône Chimie Industrie (RCI)

  2. 1985.jpg


    Founding of Fabrication Chimique Ardéchoise (FCA)

  3. beauty.jpg


    Launch of the cosmetics business

  4. G. PHARMA 3 V2.jpg


     Launch of the pharmaceutical business

  5. Fareva blanc sur fond 7b222e.jpg


    Founding of the holding company Fareva and development of a global strategy

  6. api.jpg


    Development of the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API)

  7. 2009.jpg


    Expansion in Europe

  8. 2011.jpg


    Establishment in the United States and Brazil

  9. I. MAKEUP V2.jpg


    Takeover of the Chromavis group

  10. 2017.jpg


    Agreement with Walgreens Boots Alliance

  11. 2020.jpg

    Since 2020

    Investment in 4 sterile pharmaceutical sites


Inspiring people is what Fareva means in a dialect spoken in the Ardèche region (“faire rêver” in French which means "inspire to dream").

Bernard Fraisse