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Thanks to our 16 R&D centers, our technicians design and develop products for brands throughout the world. We analyze market trends so that we can propose increasingly innovative products that meet consumer expectations. We are particularly attentive to the raw materials we use. 



Our core business is our industrial expertise. The diversity of our technologies, our mastery of processes, and our high quality and regulatory standards allow us to industrialize each of your formulas and manufacture them on a large scale.



Our role: To fill and package your products completely safely. No matter its form (emulsion, cream, solid, etc.), we offer many solutions to package your formula in a suitable container and deliver a finished product to you. 


Our support

Our experts support you throughout the product life cycle.

Our key figures

  • Picto CA.png
    115 M€

    industrial investments in 2021

  • Picto team.png

    customers trust us

  • Picto team.png
    32 years

    of industrial expertise

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