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Legal Notice


Any person accessing the website (the “Site”) must review this notice, prior to any perusal of the information contained on the website.


1. Legal Information

This site is published by FAREVA SA company, registered under the number B103127 and having its registered office at 28 place de la Gare L-1616 Luxembourg, Luxembourg.

FAREVA SA’s intra-Community VAT number is LU20966570.

FAREVA SA can be reached at the following telephone number: + 352 268 646 12.

FAREVA SA can also be reached at the following email address:


2. Processing of personal data

FAREVA SA may have to process personal data related to users, in particular in connection with queries from users. Such processing is based on the users’ consent.


Data shall be deleted at the end of a period of 3 months from being collected or from the date of the latest contact made in order to allow for the monitoring of the processing of the query. Data are intended for the authorized staff of FAREVA SA and of the companies of the FAREVA Group that may have to respond to the query, and for third-party service providers acting as subcontractors on which FAREVA SA may rely for the purposes of the processing.

Users have a right of access, rectification, erasure and portability of their data, and may oppose the processing and ask that such processing be restricted. They may also withdraw their consent within the limits provided for by regulations. If domestic law so provides, users also have the right to give special instructions concerning the status of their data after their death. In order to exercise their rights, users may contact

Users may lodge a complaint with the relevant regulatory authority.


3. Cookies

The Site only includes session cookies, i.e. cookies making it possible to track the user from one page of the Site to another page of the Site, without having to request from the user any information already supplied to the Site.

Such cookies make it possible to move through the Site more simply and promptly without having to identify users or re-process each new part of the visited Site.


4. Credits

The Site was designed by Interfill.


5. Hyperlinks

The creation of hypertext links directed to the Site is not authorized unless with  FAREVA SA’s prior consent. In particular, it is prohibited to create any link directed to this Site, where such link is not connected to this Site’s home page. The creation of a link to this Site by a third-party website may not be construed as the recognition of the existence of any relationship between FAREVA SA and the owner of such third-party website.

The Site may contain links to other websites managed by other companies. FAREVA SA does not sponsor, control or monitor such websites. FAREVA SA is not responsible for the contents or policies of such third-party websites which the user accesses at its own risk.


6. Intellectual Property

All materials included on the Site (texts, graphics, photographs, pictures, blueprints, names, logos, trademarks, creations and various works liable to be protected, databases, whether registered or not, etc.) and the Site itself are protected by intellectual property rights.

Any and all visual materials, whether or not registered as trademarks or otherwise, and whether or not accompanied with the , ® or © signs, as well as the presentation and contents of any articles and press reviews and, more generally, any information included on the Site, are the exclusive property of FAREVA SA or third parties with which FAREVA SA has executed agreements allowing for the circulation of the same. The user has no right to reproduce or circulate the said materials by any means whatsoever, unless with FAREVA SA’s express written consent.

It is prohibited to use and/or reproduce (unless for the purposes of the perusal of the site on a screen) and/or represent and/or modify and/or adapt and/or translate and/or copy and/or distribute all or any part of the Site on any medium whatsoever unless with FAREVA SA’s prior written consent.

Any use of the Site not expressly authorized may give rise to proceedings against the user under civil and/or criminal law. FAREVA SA reserves the right to institute legal proceedings against any person failing to comply with this prohibition.


7. Liability

FAREVA SA may not be held liable for any damage of any nature whatsoever resulting from the contents of the Site and/or from any access thereto and/or use thereof, in particular as regards any loss of programs and/or data, deterioration or virus that might affect the IT equipment of the user of the Site.

Any downloading or reception of data from this Site shall be at the risk of Internet users, and FAREVA SA disclaims any liability regarding the said data.

FAREVA SA does not warrant that the Site shall be accessible continuously and without any technical difficulty, and does not give any warranty as regards the contents of the information presented on the Site.

FAREVA SA may, without any prior notice, modify or update the information published on this Site or the Site itself.

The information posted on the Site reflects an opinion issued upon preparation of such information. All items of information communicated to persons accessing the Site have been selected on a given date. Such information may require updating that could not be carried out upon the date of the information’s perusal. The information may not be deemed exhaustive. As a consequence, such information must be checked in order to ascertain its reliability.

FAREVA SA may not be held liable for any use of any items of information of any nature whatsoever. FAREVA SA disclaims any liability concerning the advisability of any decision made by users and such decision’s implementation terms decided solely in reliance on the information published on the Site.


8. Indemnification

The user agrees to hold FAREVA SA, its affiliates and any of their officers, directors, representatives and/or employees free and harmless against any claims, actions, losses, liability and/or damage (including any attorney fees and/or legal expenses) resulting from: (i) the use of the Site; or (ii) any breach of the present Policy Notice and Standard Terms of Use.


9. Effective date

The present Policy Notice and Standard Terms of Use were updated for the last time on 20 May 2018.