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Our actions in the field

Improve access to hygiene for women with cancer with Belle&Bien

The Fareva Foundation joined the Belle & Bien association as a patron member at the beginning of 2019. Together, we have set up the So Doux operation.
Our employees from several subsidiaries rallied around two actions :

  • Creating the So Doux hygiene kit

So Doux is a hygiene kit designed for people hospitalized for cancer. Distributed in hospitals, it consists of three products: a body lotion, a lip balm, and a cleansing gel.
Fareva and our subsidiary Chromavis have joined forces to formulate, manufacture, and package these three products.

  • Financing the So Doux app

So Doux is also an app. It helps people with cancer select the most suitable products before, during, and after their treatment. 
As a sponsor, we have partially financed its creation through the Fareva Foundation.

Improve patient care conditions with the Centre Léon Bérard


Our teams have rallied around a fundraising campaign

In 2021, we joined forces with the Centre Léon Bérard for the 4th edition of their “A Vos Baskets” sports challenge. This event allowed us to collect and donate €10,000. This money makes it possible to continue developing space for the well-being and improving the care of cancer patients and their families.

Give students in financial difficulty hygiene products with FAGE

F. FAGE.jpg

We developed and manufactured a unisex kit

At the end of 2020, the FAREVA Foundation’s teams joined forces with FAGE (French federation of students’ associations) to support students with no financial resources. In the context of the pandemic, many young unemployed students have found themselves in financial difficulty.
In order to provide them with high-priority hygiene products, we developed and manufactured a unisex hygiene kit including a laundry detergent (1.5 l), a deodorant (50 ml roll-on), and a 2-in-1 shower gel/shampoo (250 ml). This kit is given free of charge to students who need it through 17 CROUS solidarity grocery stores in France.