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FAREVA Fondation
Fareva is a company which is involved in civil society.

Through its Corporate Foundation, set up in 2016, it undertakes to improve living standards and protect the environment in those countries in which it is present.



Our credo


To provide support on the ground for general interest measures involving health, cosmetics, the environment and access to hygiene.

To foster links with local people, the Fareva Foundation supports targeted actions in countries in which the group is established.

With its corporate foundation, Fareva reasserts its concern for human beings, something which lies at the heart of its values 

Health improvements


  • To help those most in need to gain access to treatment (humanitarian emergencies and development assistance programmes)


  • To help dependent persons


Reduce inequality, make it easier to access treatment

To improve day-to-day life

To change people's perceptions and view of illness.

To improve patients' self-awareness.

To raise awareness that "looking better" can encourage social ties.

To make it easier to access hygiene products.


To help improve the well-being of vulnerable or sick people

Fareva's corporate foundation has joined forces with the charity Belle & Bien as a patron and member. Find out more

Actions to encourage sustainable development


  • Protect the environment 
  • Combat global warming
  • Encourage actions for sustainable development


Play an active role in ecological transition

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