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Fareva is your cosmetics sub-contractor. We formulate, manufacture and package your cosmetic products.

Produits cosmétiques FAREVA

Helping you to achieve your ambitions in the cosmetics field

Our approach demands the highest quality without compromise, in line with the specific constraints of the cosmetics sector.

We innovate to ensure that you stay one step ahead of your competitors

We handle processes to guarantee you flawless quality

We are reactive to provide you with a fast and flexible service

Our core businesses: formulation, manufacturing and filling

Produits cosmétiques FAREVA

Your cosmetic requirements

Are you looking for a formulation laboratory which meets your needs as closely as possible and which complies with the standards in force?

Are you looking to manufacture and package a perfume, a cream, a hairspray, a shower gel, a shampoo, a soap, a shaving foam, a deodorant, an effervescent product, a spray, etc.?




Our cosmetic products

We handle all pharmaceutical forms and all technologies to manufacture your cosmetic products

Body care and hygiene
Hair care
Facial care
Products for men
Styling products
Face cleansers
Oral hygiene

Our cosmetic know-how

From formulation and manufacturing to packaging, we are your laboratory, your supplier and your manufacturer for cosmetics.

We offer a wide range of pharmaceutical forms   
Liquids, lotions, emulsions, creams, gels, solid forms

And technologies
Conventional (tin/aluminium) or bag on valve aerosols, tubes (plastic/aluminium/polyfoil),
jars (glass/plastic), roll-on, pouches and doypacks, unidoses, sachets,
solid/hot-filled products, powders (loose and compressed; effervescent or not),
perfumes and alcoholic products



Our Fareva Care laboratory formulates your projects.




We manufacture your cosmetic products.




We package your cosmetic products.
We can assist you with developing your secondary packaging.

Our Cosmetic expertise


The Fareva Care laboratory has 9 dedicated R&D centres for cosmetic products: 

Developing your specific projects
Personalising standard solutions
Technology and market watch
Regulatory support
Quality control
Sourcing of packaging, active ingredients, perfumes

Certifications (depending on the plants): BPF, ANSM, ECOCERT, OTC FDA, CAT. IV Canada, ISO 13485, ISO 9001, ISO 22716 (certified or compliant with), ANVISA, IFS-DPH, RSPO, ISO 14001/MHRA, ISO 18001, OHSAS 18001, FDA cGMP/GMP, COFREPIS, CETESB

Innovation is what drives us

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