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With operations in 11 countries, Fareva provides services on a local, regional and global level.

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Since 1941, a state-of-the art FDA approved site, dedicated to ophthalmic technologies, with a tremendous and continuous flow of investments


Key Facts

Employees: 500
SKUs: more than 700
Markets: more than 40
Regulatory: European Local Authorities, FDA, G-MED, Russia, Turkey
GDUFA: registered
Development: yes, more than 20 experts
General Manager: Mr. Thierry Depauw

Sterile Dosage Forms Capacities (units per year)

Excelvision's core business is the production of sterile forms for the ophthalmic market. It  uses the BFS (Blow Fill Seal) technology, with 4010 Rommelag lines, to produce SDU (Single Dose Unit) from 0.2 to 0.6 mL in strips of 5 vials. The site also has bottle lines for both Three piece bottles and Multidose Preservative Free System (MPFS) from Novelia®, and a new IKW line able to handle 1 to 10 g tubes in Aluminium, polyfoil and tin.

Excelvision is equipped to develop and manufacture high potent products.

Single Dose Units 0.2 to 0.6 mL in BFS (Blow Fill Seal): 800 Mio units
Tubes 1-10g: 20 Mio units
Three Piece and MPFS (Multidose Preservative Free System) Bottles 5-10 mL: 60 Mio units

Sterile Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms

  • Single Dose Units (SDU)
  • ​3-pieces bottles
  • Preservative free bottles Novelia® system
  • Ointments/gel tubes




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