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We are... 


A family-owned enterprise whose strength lies in its independence,

One of the world’s leading sub-contractors
in the cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, make-up, and industrial and homecare fields,

A community of men and women guided by a commitment to excellence,


... at your service!



Our expertise


We research, manufacture and package your products

We control all processes and all dosage forms in the fields of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, make-up, industrial and homecare products

We control processes to ensure perfect quality

We offer you a tailor-made and innovative service, which is designed to meet your needs

lies at the heart of what we do

A successful customer experience


Your satisfaction is our priority!

We ensure that

You benefit from our expertise in terms of technology and products

We tailor our innovative solutions to you

You are able to place your products on the market as quickly as possible

We provide you with a personal and outstanding service.


We undertake

To provide you with innovative and high quality products in accordance with national and international regulations. To ensure that social and environmental requirements are met, throughout the manufacturing process

The company adheres to a code of ethics. This is a reference document which sets out the principles of good practice, based on respect, integrity, responsibility and trust.

Respect, integrity, responsibility, trust Find out more about our code of ethics

Our values

Because the world is changing and you are key to creating Fareva’s future, the Company decided to redefine new values and its employer promise in 2020. Both are the result of a collective thought process involving the general managers, employees, and HR teams



It is thanks to a passion for action that Fareva has been so successful. This passion drives our employees, cements their enthusiasm, and inspires a genuine commitment to our customers.



Thanks to the dynamic energy of all its employees, Fareva is expanding internationally, strengthening its subsidiaries and its entrepreneurial spirit. This drive allows all the Group’s teams to excel at satisfying our customers.



The Group has chosen to maintain its financial and decision-making independence. As a result, there is a desire to respect the subsidiaries’ autonomy and support their continuous improvement processes.



The collective dimension demonstrates the full importance of sharing our difficulties and achievements. Team spirit also means sharing common objectives, know-how, and skills with all the involved parties.



Fareva recognizes the work and performance of its employees throughout the world. Recognizing this work allows each person’s individual identity to be revealed.



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