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We demonstrate commitment and responsibility

Fareva's CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy is based on strong beliefs: the human aspect is our key concern and we pay close attention to our environmental impact.


We believe in

Respect for People

Respect for our Partners

Respect for Quality

Respect for the Environment


Respect is essential for us... It is the value which underpins our development and sustainability.


We undertake to

  • Conduct an active "zero accident" safety policy and guarantee a strong safety culture for our employees 
  • Save natural and energy resources
  • Reduce our environmental footprint as much as possible
  • Develop our CSR and promote performance on all our sites
  • Promote our CSR policy to our partners to inspire them


Respect for people

Since Fareva was founded, the company has made sure that its employees feel respected and safe.

  • We undertake to respect human rights and the dignity of each individual.
  • We condemn hard labour and child labour and refuse to do business with companies that fail to observe human rights.
  • We ensure that all employees can work in an environment where their safety and well-being are guaranteed, in accordance with national laws and regulations.
  • We provide training opportunities for our employees

Respect for our partners

Our business is conducted in accordance with the laws in force and in line with the group's rules and requirements, as set out in our Ethics Charter.

  • No corruption or bribery
  • No conflicts of interest
  • Strict rules governing gifts and invitations
  • Respect for competition and competitor information
  • Respect for confidentiality and ownership of information
  • Respect for suppliers

Our commitments to respect quality

We aspire to bring the highest standards and level of integrity to all our activities

  • Compliance with laws
  • Quality management system
  • Good manufacturing practices and guaranteed traceability
  • Risk analysis
  • Change control
  • Continuous improvement
  • Regulatory affairs support

Respect for the environment

Our growth is underpinned by a policy that genuinely respects natural resources and the local environment in which we operate 

  • Preventing all accidents and any risk of pollution
  • Training for employees on environmental issues
  • Promoting the development of biodiversity protection zones on our sites
  • Developing local partnerships
  • Supporting our clients in terms of their product's eco-design
  • Assisting our clients for the supply of responsibly-sourced packs and raw materials
Policies are available only upon request at the Quality or HSE manager from each certified plant.
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