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Fareva Group completed a major investment in high potent drug product manufacturing. The investment is strengthening the Group’s capabilities in high potent drug products to answer increasing market demand. Our experience over the last several years indicates oncology drugs represent more than 50% of the new chemical entities (NCE’s).

This program started in 2016 in the site of Fareva La Vallée, France. Increasing capacity for highly potent APIs was added, with a pilot plant, a production building and additional R&D laboratories.

In 2018-2019, Fareva’s Excella site in Feucht, Germany expanded its analytical capabilities and added roller compaction for highly potent drug product.

In April 2021, the Group completed the acquisition of a Novartis’ site in Austria. Unterach specializes in injectable, high potent drug products, with packaging available in vials and pre-filled syringes.

Fareva Excella continues its expansion on high potent tablets and capsules operations with a major investment of 25 m€, which will be available for production in 2023. The production facilities will be expanded this year with a new 2,850m2 building, reaching 500 million units per year capacity for tablets or capsules, up to OEB6 containment level. An additional suite for future demand is also a part of the program. Fareva Excella has numerous regulatory body approvals including FDA and PMDA certifications.

Fareva Excella key information:
640 employees
137 m€ turnover
Active Ingredients: 30 APIs representing 130 tons/year
Finished products: >10 million units, 800+ SKUs (>600 OEB 4&5)
71 markets including US and Japan

Certifications :

  • Safebridge certified
  • GMP: Europe, Japan (PMDA), USA (FDA), Turkey, Brazil (ANVISA), Russia, South Korea
  • ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certified

About Fareva
Fareva is one of the world’s leading industrial contract manufacturer in the industrial and homecare sectors, beauty, makeup, pharmaceuticals and APIs. The Group’s expertise is grounded in its historical know-how: research, formulation, fabrication and fill-and-finish manufacturing of international brand names. The needs of each individual customer are addressed by Fareva’s teams who propose personalized service and offer innovative, customized and safe solutions.
The company, originally from the Ardèche region of France is founded and owned by Bernard Fraisse. Sales turnover in 2020 was over 1.7 billion euros, and the company currently employs over 13,000 persons on 43 sites worldwide.

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